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For those looking to create a stylish affair, GATHER provides the perfect, fully furnished, artfully curated event space to host your next celebration. Gatherings on every facet of the celebration spectrum are welcome in our flexible and versatile event space.


From the handpicked mid-century modern furniture, contemporary accents, and our beloved tiger-oak bar from the 1900’s, GATHER resides at the crossroads of Portland’s past and present, serving as a timeless touchstone to ensure your signature event is truly one of a kind.

Private Parties


It's been said that we’re our most productive when we are inspired, and GATHER’S fully furnished, artfully curated event space serves as the perfect foundation for inspiration on all levels. Whether you’re planning a break out session for 50 team members, planning an end of the year meeting, team-building event, or a holiday party for several hundred, GATHER is the perfect setting for every occasion


Located in Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District, just across the Willamette River, and a leap and a bound from Portland’s compact, walkable downtown, GATHER is a convenient destination for the bevy of Portland metro’s vibrant businesses and corporate retreats to convene and cultivate their next big idea.


Corporate Events

Change makers, ground breakers, and philanthropic endeavors have long been close to the hearts of proprietors, Johnna Wells and Scott Conger. So, it was only a matter of time before the concept for GATHER was born – a fully furnished, adaptable, and artfully curated event space where Portland’s treasured Nonprofits could treat their friends and benefactors to an intimate celebration.


When we gather together, we strengthen the social well-being of our community, building upon our common experiences and learning from our differences. Here at GATHER we celebrate the many talented, committed, and passionate individuals leading the charge, turning beliefs into action, and invite these champions of the common good to convene with us  for every occasion.

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